All projects go through the same 3-part process:
01. Research

On the strategy call, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your existing brand identity in relation to the desired objectives. Afterwards, the creative brief will be drafted and sent over for approval and the possicle creative directions are developed.
02. Design

After establishing our creative direction, we arrive at the right solution within three rounds of designing. The deck for each round is presented via video call
03. Implement

Brand guidelines will be developed and prepared for internal distribution, helping to maintain a consistent appearance across all projects. We conclude with the Offboarding & Asset Transfer, when all design assets will be sent via WeTransfer. For the Plus + Pro packages, and follow-up call is set up to discuss strategy for consultation and additional asset creation. 


When should my branding be redesigned?
Ask yourself these 5 questions about your branding:
1. Does our branding reflect who our company is today?
2. Does our branding match the quality of the rest of our company?
3. Does our branding reflect how we want our company to be remembered?
4. Does our branding align with the story our company wants to tell?
5. Does our branding distinguish our company meaningfully?
If you couldn't (confidently) say Yes all 5 times, it's time to make some changes.
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