Brand Identity Designer

Attract high-quality clients by making your uniqueness visually obvious

Brand Identity Designer

Attract high-quality clients by making your uniqueness visually obvious

The quickest way to close more dream clients is to have branding that sells – even when you’re not working. 

You have a hard enough time convincing people that your service matters in the first place.

Do you really want to do all that and convince people you’re the right choice too?

Professionally-designed branding fixes these struggles.

It starts with looking the part:

This means showing that you belong in your industry – and in your price range. When your branding looks the part, dream clients see the value of investing in you.

When people see your logos + branding, they should get a clear sense of your target audience, your personality, your values. When your branding communicates clearly, they know if you’re the right choice for them.

When your branding completes a gut feeling of trust, sales talks feel less like a do-or-die situation.

You're a redesign away from:

• looking the part
• communicating effectively
• selling with ease

“After a thorough search, our company decided to partner with Mark for our rebranding efforts. This was based on what he promised to accomplish for us within a tight timeline…and he certainly delivered.

For a small business, saving time and resources are always top of mind…and Mark’s process and approach aligned perfectly with our needs. The up-front research and strategy phases allowed him to truly get immersed in our brand…which strengthened his initial and subsequent concepts throughout. We arrived at our final product after only a few rounds, which was fantastic. In addition to his professional talent, Mark was a pleasure to work with on the personal front, which made the journey very enjoyable as well.

Our new logo, colors and brand standards have had a great impact on our business thus far. We feel our new branding provides a much more modern look, while accurately representing our business. Everything translated over to our website even better than we expected…and we love showing off our new look to prospects and existing partners alike. Thanks to Mark for his incredible efforts!”

-Brian Davis, BDA Consulting

“Working with Mark was the easiest, yet impactful collaboration I've done in years. I hired him to do a rebrand/refresh. The streamlined process he uses helped me in ways I didn't know I needed.
He intentionally takes time at the beginning of the process to deeply understand my mindset and my brand, leading to incredible designs in our first iteration. The impact of the branding refresh was widespread. Not only did the refresh align more with my company vision, but my customers became more clear on my offerings. Not to mention, the modern look and feel kept me relevant in my industry. Could not recommend Mark enough!!”
Kim Linton, Teaming Tampa Bay
“Working with Mark on a company brand refresh for Bolt Data was seamless from start to finish, and our team couldn't be happier with the results! He took our previous logo, company offerings, and vision for the future into consideration throughout the design process, and created a truly up-leveled brand beyond our expectations. We ended up choosing one of the logos from the first round of designs (with minor tweaks), which just goes to show that Mark nails it! The entire process from the initial call to the final review was timely, organized, and painless.

The impact of Bolt Data's new branding has blown us away, and confirmed that working with Mark was the right choice. We debuted our new brand with a full website redesign and an expo booth at an industry conference where multiple industry professionals and tech partners took note of our new look. We've gotten fantastic feedback, including "eye-catching and innovative" which is exactly what we were going for. Bolt Data has been in the technology consulting and software industry for almost 10 years, and thanks to Mark, we now have elevated branding to show our worth.”
Alexandra Ferraro, Bolt Data
“Mark was amazing to work with. Really took the time to hear our mission and vision for our logo and brought it to life quickly and efficiently.
His attention to detail and storytelling through his design is something that really has drawn us to his work and why we enjoy our logo so much!”
Michael Millay, Rooted Creative
“A fellow grad of the University of Cincinnati and avid Bearcats athletics fan (like myself), Mark has helped me to grow a community of Bearcats fans in Cincinnati and across the country. The group (The Den Tailgate) is based around football season, organizing weekly tailgates and watch parties. Mark has provided our group with an online identity that sets us apart in the digital space. He has refreshed our suite of logos, provided materials for print, and a portfolio of social content to help attract more people to be a part of The Den. Each request I make for new material exceeds expectations. Keep up the good work!”
Brandon Trame, The Den
“I worked with Mark over three months to rebrand my M&Acompany, to visually bring it into the 2020's. He wasinstrumental in creating a new name, logo, and overall feel forthe company. I was extremely happy with his work and our finalresult. Highly recommend.”
Scott Duke,
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